Friday, September 3, 2010

Craaavings and Minnow Paws and { Labor Day }

I know i've mentioned in prior posts that perimenopause sucks. I would now like to upgrade that statement to:

Menopause sucks!

It's like an evile combination of PMS and pregnancy:  mood swings, fatigue, hot flashes, sore boobs (sorry you had to read that, Chris), and wild cravings. 

This morning for breakfast i had a bowl of black beans mixed with alfredo sauce and topped with fried eggs.  That sounds very reasonable to me, but Allie freaked out at my putting alfredo sauce in the beans.  If she only knew some of the other foods i've been craving and eating lately.  I'll have to start posting recipes. 

On another note, do you know the origins of Labor Day?  It's really freaky!  I'm totally freaked out right now.  Go see!

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Lisa said...

Geesh!! Not about the food....I've had much weirder cravings ;)....but the Labor day origination.....hamburgers won't taste the same on that day anymore!

Lisa said...

Oh and about the Menopause least you don't look like you should be going through menopause!!! :)

sandi said...

Yeah, the whole Labor Day thing's kinda depressing, huh? :o\

sandi said...

Oh trust me...i look about 300 years lately. Stress is so not good for the visage.

Chris said...

Ain't no thing; we're all adults here. Just try not to get too weirded out by the people who visit your blog after Googling some variation of "sore boobs". Oh, they're out there. One of my favorite blogs does a recurring thing where they list the top 10 recent Google search strings that brought visitors in. Some of it will bring tears of laughter, other parts will make you go all Emily Dickinson and never leave your room lest you encounter these people unknowingly in public.

Amy said...

I was with you until fried eggs. That's just wrong. But, I am having Pepsi and Red Vines for breakfast so who am I to judge.

sandi said...

Bwahahaha! Ms. McQ, you crack me up! That's a fantastic breakfast! :o)

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