Friday, September 10, 2010

Whip Scorpion Alert Called Off { Wind Scorpion Captured }

A strange sensation woke me from a deep sleep around 4 this morning.  It was an odd "pecking" feeling on my elbow.  I opened my eyes and there was Allie, pecking on my elbow. 

"Mommy, the whip scorpion is in my room.  Come get it!"

Oh huh uh.  I'm not going anywhere near that thing.

"But Mommy, I caught it under a Pringles can and it got out, then it climbed up my curtain.  Now I'm afraid to go back into my room.  PLEASE COME GET IT!"

Wow, that sucks for you!

So, after moaning and wandering around my room for a while (me, not Allie) with a wicked headache, Todd rubbed my back until i finally got back to sleep (around 6:30). 

At 6:45, Bryce comes barrelling into my room to tell me Allie caught the bug.  I got up to investigate.

Sure enough, Allie had cornered the bug in the living room and was holding him under Bryce's "bug scope" cup.  I grabbed some cardstock and slid it under, then flipped the cup over, cringing and mewing all the way.  After a few minutes of freaked-out deliberation, i dumped the wind scorpion (i should clarify--it ended up being a WIND scorpion and not a WHIP scorpion) into a huge (Costco-sized) pretzel jar (that previously housed Allie's used syringes), then sliced a hole in the top for air. 

Right now, on my kitchen counter, in various containers, i have to keep me company during the day:

One katydid, one wood beetle, and one really ugly and menacing wind scorpion. 

Lucky me!

Our friend { as yet unnamed } the wind scorpion.

2 holla'd back:

Chris said...

It looks like an unholy hybrid of a spider and a flea. Perhaps there's an ant in the family tree somewhere, too. How big is it?

Speaking of disjointed images, have you ever read this blog? I'd be amazed if you hadn't, but it's new to me.

sandi said...

Haha! Those photos are pretty funny :o) I had not seen that blog before. Good stuff!

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