Monday, August 4, 2008

Be Carefull (Fraud Alert!)

Yes, I know the title is misspelled. It was taken directly from the subject line of an email I received last week. It cracked me up so thoroughly that I had to put it on here. You know those emails saying you've won a gazillion dollars in an overseas lottery, or that a rich widow needs your help obtaining her inheritance, blah blah blah? I love those! I usually respond telling them I've sent their email along to the FBI, CIA, and any other agency I can think of. The email below just completely took the cake, though. I can't wait to think up a response to send to this one:

"Those People you are dealing with are fake.I am Susan Walter, I am a US citizen, 39years. I reside here in Houston Texas. My residential address is asfollows.#503 Madison Ave. Apt York,Houston Texas, United States.I am one of those that executed a contract in Nigeria years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over$70,000 trying to get my payment all to no avail. So I decided to travel down to Nigeria with all my contractdocuments.And I was directed to meet Barr. Mat Oto, who is the member of CONTRACT AWARD COMMITTEE, and Icontacted him and he explained everything to me. He said that those contacting us through emails are fake.Then he took me to the paying bank, which is Zenith Bank, and I am the happiest woman on this earthbecause I have received my contract funds of $4.2Million USD.Moreover, Barr. Mat Oto showed me the full information of those that have not received their payment; and Isaw your email, your contract amount, your phone number etc.This is what you have to do now. You have to contact him direct on this information below.Name;: Barr Mat OtoEmail: ; number +234-803324556789Address: 13, Zion Street, Ikeja Lagos NigeriaYou really have to stop your dealing with those contacting you, because they will dry you up until you havenothing to eat. The only money I paid was just $1,200 for IRS, which you know. So you have to take note ofthat.I can give you my number here in the state if you care for it.ThankMrs. Susan Walter, "

BAH HAHAHAHAHA! Is that hilarious or what?

3 holla'd back:

Anonymous said...

Thank God you posted this, I've already booked my flight to Nigeria to get my $1.5 mil in U.S. dollars back - I can't think of a better vacation! WooHoo!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

I get this crap all the time. Watch out for Cards from 123American Greeatings too.

lifewithquads said...

If she only paid $1200 to the IRS (as you already know) on $4.2 million I not only want to meet her lawyer, I want to meet her accountant too. rofl

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