Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some People I've Met

I've met some people you may have heard of (and others you definitely haven't) that have left an impression on me in some way. This came to mind while starting my playlist for Halloween (we looooooooooooove Halloween in our house, already can't WAIT to do my Halloween blog). I ran across a few music tracks from Bella Morte. Here they are (the band, not the music tracks):

The singer, in the middle, is Andy Dean(e) with or without an "e" at the end, I can't remember. I met him at a little health food store in Charlottesville, VA called The Integral Yoga. His friend, also my friend, Bram was working there at the time (Bram died in 1995 of a self-inflicted gunshot; I'm so not going there). Bram and I were talking and he introduced me to Andy, who acted like I was not worthy of making his acquaintance. LOL! I thought he was so obnoxiously into himself! I didn't put them on my playlist; their music doesn't impress me much; maybe that's because I can't deal with the 'tude. I used to work with Andy's mom at Whole Foods, too.
Whole Foods was a great place to meet people. That's where I had my infamous encounter with Dave Matthews. That's him in the middle there:

We flirted shameslessly around Whole Foods then I sat in his car (a dirty old blue Ford wagon of some sort) and we talked for a few minutes. He later called me on my cell phone, but I was too busy to hang. Sorry, Dave!

I also met Sissy Spacek at Whole Foods. We were in the dairy aisle together; she was on the soy/rice milk side. Allie and Zane were 2 and 4. I stopped to chat with Sissy for a second and she said my kids were so adorable. Yeah, they were. They are. Ms. Spacek was very very sweet and gracious. I instantly liked her.

In 1987, my friend Jennifer, her sister Heather and I drove to New York to visit their other sister, Lynn. While there, we went to a conference at Chitaqua where there were former Soviet ambassadors and some US politicians, among them Mario Cuomo whom Jennifer and I LOVED. I was wearing my I heart NY t-shirt (once a dork, always a dork) and Mr. Cuomo noticed it and actually came right up to Jennifer and me and started chatting us up. We were 17 at the time. We begged him to run for President, but his answer: "I love New York too much." He would not trade NYC for the White House. I liked him even more having met him.

I've met bunches more "famous" peeps, but can't think of them right now. (Tina, do you remember who they were? I know I told you a bunch of them.)

Speaking of bad memory issues...I saw a doctor about it yesterday. I can't remember what he said, but he ordered some tests and I'll have the results in 2 weeks. Fun times.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome meeting famous people! that Andy guy sounds like an ass though.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Very cool! I met some famous baseball player one time. But since I know nothing about baseball, I wasn't impressed. I have memory issues too. I'm thinking it was Reggie Jackson. but who knows.

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