Monday, August 11, 2008

We May Love Glucagon But We Love EMTs More!

Is it really morning and did we really make it through the night? Was it all just a nightmare? Nope, I have the pictures to prove it. (And just so you know, I took the pix to lighten the mood. Allie was in the very capable hands of the emergency workers and she joked that at least she'd have something to blog about, so of course, I grabbed the camera).

Allie comes out from her room about 10 o'clock last night and is totally freaked out. She tells me she thinks she just accidentally took 30 units of Novolog instead of 30 units of Lantus (Lantus is a slow-acting insulin that lasts for 24 hours and Novolog is a fast-acting insulin taken with meals). My mind froze in time when she said that, just for a second or two. Then it quickly contemplated the enormity of that statement. 30 units of fast-acting insulin. Oops. Major oops. This was bound to be a repeat of L's extreme low I had just been part of Saturday morning. Or worse. Much worse.

In order for Allie to pretty much not die from this, we would have to feed her...are you ready for this? 420 carbs. How does a normal person eat 420 carbs in a meal, especially when they've had 3 meals today already? (Just as a comparison, Allie normally take 4-6 units of insulin per meal, on average). Well, Allie realized immediately that there was no way that was going to happen. She was shaking and crying and saying she didn't want to die. She told me to call 911. I obeyed immediately. In the meantime, she sucked down 4 Capri Suns while I called the doc. Doc said just keep feeding her and wait for the ambulance. I didn't think her stomach could hold enough; I kept the Glucagon kit in sight. I was so scared, but kept telling Allie everything would be totally okay.

The EMT's/paramedics arrived so quickly. I love and adore them (thank you, Rural Metro, Southwest Ambulance, and the Sheriff's Office! We love you!). They calmed us down by telling us that if necessary, they would put sugar directly into Allie's bloodstream. That relaxed me incredibly, but my brain could still not think properly. I'm usually good with this sort of thing, but 30 units of Novolog pushed me over the top. I knew we were in for a very long night. (Al finally went to sleep around 1, and I stayed up 'til 2 to continue checking her sugar, which dropped another 100 points by then, but then slowed way down. I got up at 6 to check again and of course, can't go back to sleep...another zombie
I really need to take a more careful stock of what's in our pantry at all times. The EMT's wanted me to get some protein in with her carbs and told me to put some peanut butter on the bagel I had given her. I rummaged in the pantry and the fridge, but no peanut butter, just almond butter which had been sitting for forever and needed stirring. As I struggled to get the almond butter to an edible consistency, I muttered, "Am I the only mom in America without peanut butter? Almond butter? What am I, a hippie?" The EMT's laughed. Laughing is good. If they could laugh, then everything was going to be okay.
Once we felt (and the EMT's felt) that we were out of danger, all the emergency workers left and Allie continued to eat. I lay on the couch and tried to wake myself up from this nightmare. I really thought I could for a minute or two. Then I realized this nightmare is our reality; it's our day-to-day life. It's Allie's reality for the rest of her life unless someone finds that cure.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

HoLY CRAP!that sucked! SCARY! glad things worked out! that is HORRIFYING! poor you , poor Allie! WHOOHOO for EMT'S!
love the picture taking and hippie comment. time to invest in some peanut butter. gotta love protein in a jar. i don't eat it but we always have loads for the chilluns.

now i need to go read about Saturday's adventure.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Wow! Way scary! But at least you had something to blog :) My kids are always making fun of the blogging too, but I think they secretly love being stars! {{{Hugs for you and Allie!}}}

(this is my other alias) linked to my public blog - I like to maintain my anonymity ;D

Janie (julie's sis)

Adele said...

I hope that never happens again, but you can always come and get peanut butter from my house! I hope Allie and you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

420 carbs? That's easy: Beer and pizza!! Keep your house stocked with that and you'll be just fine!
Plus, EMT's always enjoy a good six-pack after an emergency call.

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