Monday, August 25, 2008

Fundraiser for Plane Crash Survivors

On the sidebar of my blog, I'm putting a "donate" button for a young couple (the Nielsons) who survived a plane crash recently (click here for article and picture of crash site). They are in medically induced comas with severe burns. The wife is burned the worst, about 80% of her body. The husband is around 30%. They are in the process of many surgeries, skin grafts, etc. They will be in a coma for probably months.

If you have any spare money lying around, even if it's just a dollar here and there, I implore you to help out. I cannot even fathom what their medical bills are going to amount to (I had 2 ER visits recently and will be paying those off for the next year and a half, so just imagine what theirs will be).

For updates on the couple's condition and how their kids are coping, go to

PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM; their names are Stephanie and Christian Nielson.

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