Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Snow?

Saturday, a new marketplace near us hauled in 20 tons of snow and I really wanted Bryce to see snow, so we all drove over. We met our friend Gina and her kids. Unfortunately, the line to have a turn in the snow was about a mile long and it was humid and 100 degrees. We were just not going to stand in that line.

Bryce got to hang out on a fire truck, though. Super cool!

Then we grabbed lunch at the best Italian deli ever (LaSpada's) and took it to our house to chow down. I tried to grab a pic of my friend G and her daughter, but they BOTH tried to duck out! (Like mother like daughter, I guess). But HAHA I have a wide angle lens, so they couldn't fully escape.

Allie went home with G, so later I got to hang at G's house. I LOVE hanging with G!

Later that night, Todd and I took Bryce for a walk. This is how he chose to seat himself for the entire journey:

It was a fun day, after the trauma of the morning when my friend Amy's sister had an EXTREME low blood sugar and seizures. I went over to sit and give support...I will probably write more about that on our type 1 diabetes blog, but for now, my mind is still in shock from the event. Amy's sis is okay, though.

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