Friday, August 29, 2008

History in the Making

I was super busy this morning, banging out the last of my work that was due at noon (I just love deadlines, especially when the person who's supposed to give me my assignment craps out on me and it all falls in my lap the night before it's due and I wind up doing a stressful half-nighter/ half-morning crunch). I finished with the computer part of it around 9:30 or so, then carried my huge stack of paperwork to the couch where I could sit and sign it all while watching the tail-end of my favorite t.v show, The Today Show (don't ask me why, but I have to have my morning dose of it or I feel I'm missing something).

I turned on the telly to find John McCain standing to the right and slightly behind an attractive woman who was speaking with conviction and verve. I liked her instantly. Then it sank in: this was John McCain's VP running mate!

HOLY hoink, my peeps! We're going to have either a "black" President or a female VP. This election has spawned more YouTube videos than I can count. Someone out there reeeeeeeally doesn't like Obama.

John McCain's running mate, Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, won me over in about 10 seconds. I went online to read everything I could find about her and then liked her even more. She's real, she's tough, she's fair, she's strong. She's one of "us."

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Admin said...

She is awesome!!! Wow, John McCain is the smartest man ever. Thanks for spreading the word, I had no idea that he had picked someone. Woo-hoo!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i am so excited now about this election! WHOHOO FOR SARAH PALIN! love her!

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