Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy A1C Day!

Allie LOVES having her picture taken; can't you tell?

Today Al had her quarterly endo appointment. If you remember from her last one (in May) I was completely distraught because her A1C was dangerously high (it was 9.7--ouch!--and should be in the 7's or even better, the 6's, in order to avoid damage to her kidneys, eyes and heart. A little education: the A1C test measures the "average" blood glucose level over a 3-month period. It does that by measuring the amount of sugar stuck to a dead blood cell--they live about 3 months). Her A1C as of today is down to 8.2--a good drop from 9.7! We were happy, but will feel better when she gets it back down to the happy 7's.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

happy day! that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the highlights!

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