Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Got Mine! Did You Get Yours?!

I was trying sooooooooo hard to be nonchalant about today's release of Breaking Dawn. Continually told myself I didn't care whether I got a copy today, or had to wait 8 days for the next shipment (why is it always 8 days, anyway?).

Went to bed last night toying with the idea of leaving at 23:45 to get a copy, then sleep decided against it.

Woke up this morning thinking I might end up regretting not going out last night, so I left around 6:15 for Wally World (Wal Mart for those of you not familiar). As I get nearer to the store, I start to panic a little, thinking now I've really missed out. I park and hurry into the store.

As I walk, trying to be oh-so-casual, toward the books, I spot 3 women, each with a copy held securly to their chests. I see a near empty table. I begin to run and shout in a frenzied excitement, "Are there any left?!"

There are 2 copies left, each with warped covers. I choose the one that's a bit less warped than it's sister and sigh in relief. I head to the back of the store to grab a chocolate soy milk and slowly make my way back up to the registers.

As I pass by the table where the books were parked, I notice the last one was gone and there was a girl in her late teens looking rather forlorn.

"They're all gone," I tell her. She sees my copy tucked protectively under my arm and her face falls into a defeated pout.

I am victorious!

I am a dork!

If Edward doesn't bite Bella I'm going to be really disappointed!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

WHOOHOO so glad you got a copy! i can't believe you resisted until morning! i love loved it!

Anonymous said...

Now we all know what YOUR vice is....

SuperCoolMom said...

We're not really sure if we can let you in the blog book club, due to your lack of enthusiasm concerning the recent Breaking Dawn release. It has come to the attention of the acceptance committee that you were able to contain your enthusiasm for a full 8 hours or more. This is really not the precedent that we want to set.

However, after further consideration we'd love to have you, because we are so lame that we haven't even posted since May and we rarely follow through with chats even though we have good intentions. You're in like flin. We could use some fresh blood. (No pun intended -heehee).

Bwahahaha, as My son and I left Walmart at 12:05 we had the best time telling the frantic looking women hustling through the parking lot that they were all gone! Hahaha, evil cheap thrills.

(BTW I'm Julie's sister. My public blog is hotmamashouse dot blogspot dot com, but I post all the juicy stuff, and the boring random crap, on my private blog. Email me at lotsostuff at hotmail dot com if you want an invite :)

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